Expanded trade leads to an increasing demand for international freight. Especially the need to send goods to the US in Ho Chi Minh City. So how to send goods to the US in Ho Chi Minh City? What should I pay attention to when shipping goods to the US? How much does it cost to ship to the US? PTN Express answers through the information needed below.

Important notes when sending goods to the US

Shipping goods to the US has long become familiar to us. However, some people are actually still surprised if it is the first time using the shipping service to the US. Or for many people, even though they have experience in using the shipping service to the US, they still do not pay much attention to some of the following notes.

How long does it take to calculate the shipping time?

Shipping to the US can choose to ship by ship with a long time of about 1 month. Or as currently, people prefer to ship via air with a time of about 3-5 days to arrive.

Check if the goods are on the prohibited list

It will be dangerous and troublesome if your goods are on the prohibited list. Prohibited goods will be detained by customs and you will be responsible.

Packed in accordance with regulations and standards of US entry

Sending goods to the US must be carefully wrapped, and especially for fragile goods, need to be more careful in preserving goods. In addition, special items such as food, medicine or chemicals should also be very careful.

Provide complete and accurate sending and receiving information

In order for your goods to safely reach the recipient, it is necessary to provide accurate information for the post office to save and deliver to the correct address. When there is a delivery problem, we can promptly contact and handle the situation.

Choose a reputable carrier        

A reputable carrier will help you with all necessary delivery procedures. All you need to do is provide information, hand over the goods and pay the shipping charges. Go to reputable shipping companies to be able to receive the most guaranteed policies.

How is the process of sending goods to the US?

The shipping process to the US is simple, go through the following steps:

  • Register information and receive customer’s shipping information, the carrier will contact support
  • Goods are picked up by the post office staff, or you can also go to the post office to send.
  • Check the goods and pack according to the standard
  • Connect to international shipping airlines to send goods to the US
  • Goods arrive at US customs, check and deliver to the recipient
  • Complete the shipping order

How long does it take to ship to the US?

Shipping time to the US depends a lot on objective and subjective factors. You can choose express or regular delivery. It will take 3-5 days for express, express and 5-7 days for economy delivery. In addition, for some reasons such as weather, epidemics, and procedures, the goods may arrive later than expected.

How much is the price list for shipping to the US?

The current price list for shipping to the US you can refer to

0.5 614,992 10.5 2,519,673
1.0 729,784 11.0 2,634,142
1.5 894,096 11.5 2,760,604
2.0 1,068,198 12.0 2,875,442
2.5 1,158,796 12.5 2,990,676
3.0 1,239,473 13.0 3,105,818
3.5 1,442,610 13.5 3,244,691
4.0 1,638,180 14.0 3,360,084
4.5 1,837,244 14.5 3,475,587
5.0 2,039,574 15.0 3,615,037
5.5 2,093,524 15.5 3,730,154
6.0 2,110,705 16.0 3,832,975
6.5 2,140,746 16.5 3,959,408
7.0 2,179,742 17.0 4,062,251
7.5 2,249,099 17.5 4,165,352
8.0 2,299,421 18.0 4,291,815
8.5 2,353,462 18.5 4,394,686
9.0 2,434,019 19.0 4,497,566
9.5 2,493,304 19.5 4,600,453
10 2,554,724 20 5,296,706


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