Today, with the phenomenon of cultural interference and economic transactions promoting the development of globalization, import and export activities of Vietnam and the world in general or the United States in particular are taking place. extremely lively. In addition to typical items such as food, medicine, etc., cosmetics are also a popular item because the demand for beauty is indispensable today. There are many shipping companies specializing in sending goods to the US, we need to find the most suitable and convenient unit. The following article will help you better understand the shipping units and the process of shipping goods to the US quickly and economically.

  1. Which company should send cosmetics to the US?

Send cosmetics to the US by DHL express

DHL is one of the shipping companies that many users send goods to the US because of its low cost but still quality. DHL is also careful in importing goods because it usually accepts clearly branded items. There are shipping methods applied at DHL:

Express delivery service from 3-5 days

Cheap shipping service to the US takes 6-7 days. This form will save money, so if you are not in a hurry for time, this is also a good choice

Send cosmetics to the US by Fedex express

Fedex is currently one of the 4 largest courier companies in the world and has agents in 220 countries around the world and even in provinces in Vietnam. With this ‘coverage’, Fedex is used by many people because of its convenience in sending and receiving. This carrier is also not too picky about sending goods, so customers can have a variety of products to send. The shipping time is also fast but there is also a discount policy.. And also because Fedex has a pretty good service, the cost is also quite high, so please consider the price issue.

Send cosmetics to the US by UPS express

United Parcel Service (UPS) is an American freight company. This unit is capable of items weighing >70kg, which is an advantage because bulky items with large loads and large quantities are often difficult to find a shipping company. And especially, the freight is also preferential for bulk and heavy goods. UPS also offers customs brokerage services, returns management or supply chain design. Along with the new development and changes day by day, the scale of UPS express is also getting bigger and bigger

Send cosmetics to the US by TNT express

The merged TNT is a subsidiary of Fedex with headquarters in the Netherlands. This cooperation brings customers fast and cost-effective services. To experience good services, attentive customer care without too high a cost is a great thing. Especially the service to support sensitive items such as fragile items, valuable goods will also be carefully noted.

  1. Notes when sending cosmetics to the US

To ensure the quality and safety of cosmetic products sent from Vietnam to the US, we need to know a few notes as follows:

Cosmetics must have a clear label, brand, business license, shelf life, and origin. Fake products of international brands such as Chanel, Dior, Gucci… are not accepted

Because most are transported by air or water, liquid products such as perfume, lotion, coconut oil are limited in capacity (no more than 50ml). Cosmetic items in dry or waxy form such as powder, lipstick, mask, shampoo, etc. can be sent

The ingredients contained in cosmetics also need attention

Cosmetic items that need to be written with clear functions and uses

Important note is that any goods that want to enter the US must have an FDA certificate issued by the US Food and Drug Administration.

  1. Quality cosmetic delivery service to the US by PTN Express

Coming to PTN Express, you will be supported with a dedicated delivery service to the US, we always appreciate customer care to bring you the best experience. Proud to be cooperating with many major airlines, we will ensure your goods reach customers quickly. PTN Express also regularly has preferential policies and reasonable prices. The company also has a home delivery service, so it won’t take much of your time.

The above article is all the information you need to know when shipping cosmetics to the US, hopefully it can help you. And do not forget to visit the website or call the hotline to receive the most dedicated support and advice.


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