The demand for sending goods to the US is growing, leading to a series of units transporting goods to the US. However, not all shipping companies are reputable, quality and dedicated work. So what are the criteria for choosing a shipping company to the US? And what is the price list for sending goods to the US in 2022? Let’s find out with PTN Express!

  1. Allowable and disallowed items to be sent to the US

Allowed items to be sent to the US

  • PTN Express accepts and sends a variety of goods such as: food products, electronic goods, fragile goods and some difficult-to-ship items such as: powder products, liquids (fish sauce, fish sauce, etc.) shrimp, ..) and other heavy items.
  • For food products: goods must have clear labels and brands. Cosmetics that can be sent to the US are usually in the form of creams, gels, lotions and sheet masks, etc.
  • For electronic goods: Receive and send items without magnets, without batteries, without lubricants, ..
  • Paper products such as photo albums, papers, stamps, paper boxes, etc.
  • For cosmetic products: receive and send genuine, originating items, papers.
  • Some other items such as: ceramics, glass, dishes, …

Disallowed to be sent to the US

The United States is one of the countries with a rather strict customs clearance policy. Therefore, not all items can be sent to the US. Here is a list of prohibited items sent to the US:

  • Fake products, imitations of famous brands
  • Smuggled goods, goods of unknown origin, clear origin
  • Fresh products
  • Arouse tight
  • Weapons, explosives
  • Some other items prohibited by US law


  1. Method of transporting goods from Vietnam to the US

Normally, sending goods to the US will have 2 forms: sending goods to the US by air and sending goods to the US by sea.

Shipping to the US by air

A method of sending goods to the US by plane through international carriers such as DHL Express, Fedex Express, TNT Express and UPS Express.

This method is very popular because the delivery time is quite fast, only 3-5 days. However, this method only applies to light-weight goods such as papers and documents.

Shipping to the US by sea

For goods of large size and weight, shipping to the US by sea is the best. Compared to sending goods to the US by air, sending to the US by sea is much cheaper. However, the delivery time is quite long because it depends quite a lot on weather control and custom


  1. Criteria for choosing shipping services to the US

Currently there are many units that ship goods to the US, so finding a shipping unit is very easy. However, you need to understand the criteria for choosing a reputable and quality shipper so that your parcel can reach the recipient safely and quickly.

  • Prestigious unit, clear information

Reputation is the first factor that most shipping companies must have when they want to operate in the market for a long time.

You should choose a unit with business information clearly published on the website such as head office address, contact phone number, shipping price list, etc. Besides, you should choose a unit with warranty policies goods, commit to delivery time so that your goods arrive at the right recipient with the estimated time.

3.2.  Reasonable shipping cost

Shipping cost is the criterion that most people care about. The freight must go with the service, you should not choose a unit to send your goods because the freight is too cheap, but consider many different criteria such as: service attitude, delivery time, mode customer care, accompanying services such as: pick up goods at home, support packing, support to carry goods, ..

  • Fast shipping time

Normally, it will take 3-5 working days to ship goods to the US by air. However, this time depends a lot on the status of the package, the distance from the place of shipment to the shipping service. Therefore, you should choose a unit with a professional team, agile style so that each stage is shortened, thereby shortening the delivery time

  • Service attitude

Good service attitude, always 24/7 support is the criterion that the shipping units are aiming for. Not only enthusiastic when consulting services, but also dedicated to supporting customers when they have difficulties in shipping, packaging, .. Should choose units with good reviews for peace of mind when using service.

  1. Prestigious service to send goods to the US – PTN Express

If you are in need of sending goods to the US but are still confused about which service to choose, please contact PTN Express immediately. With more than 10 years of experience in the field of international freight. We are committed to giving our customers the best experience of our services.

We are freight forwarders throughout 63 provinces and cities in Vietnam, support international standard packaging, support door-to-door delivery and door to door delivery to customers in the safest way.


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