The need to send real goods to the US is always a matter of concern for many people. What are the conditions for sending food to the US? What is the note when sending food goods to the US? Here are all the communication channels you need to know to send goods to the US smoothly.

  1. Legal conditions for safe shipping of food to the US

To safely send food to the US, you need to know what the legal conditions are when sending goods to the US? Accordingly, what are the customs procedures, goods entry, and all customs procedures for aviation? Documents such as FDA certificates for food items, tax receipts, etc. When you choose a reputable shipping company, they will help you understand these issues and resolve the process. legal fast to be able to send food to the US for you.

  1. Some notes to send food to the US safely

Food should have clear manufacturing date packaging

Sealed and guaranteed not to be a fake food item

The shelf life of food from the date of shipment must be more than 6 months before it can be counted in the shipped item. Otherwise, items with a shelf life of less than 6 months will be classified as damaged items

Ingredients in food must be clearly listed

  • Some things to avoid in the process of sending food to the US

Some specific food items that require storage in a conditional environment, such as fresh food items that must be frozen, are more difficult to ship. Some of them will even be on the banned list. So you need to be careful before sending food out.

  • How to properly declare customs declarations

Sending goods internationally is very time consuming in the stage of customs inspection and declaration. So you need to declare the customs correctly, with all the information so that you can save the most time and help the goods to be shipped the fastest.

Provide customs with a specific item value

Full list of items, brands included in your parcel

Describe in detail the condition of the food you send

Wait for the customs officer to contact the recipient. Recipients may have to obtain import permits and pay taxes, etc.

  • How to pack food to send to the US

Proper packaging practices not only help protect your items from damage and impact, but also help prevent food loss. In addition, for some special foods, it also helps to preserve the quality during transportation.

Wrap food with a cardboard box

Should wrap more styrofoam bags, bubble wrap around the food

Fix the whole package around with bubble wrap to keep the goods from moving, bumping

Clearly list the ingredients, items included in the shipping order

  1. Should homemade food products be sent to the US?

Some food items such as homemade fruit cakes are not preserved in quality. By so that this is see as a face row perishable, hard to ship to the US. You should be aware of this issue.

  1. Popular foods that are allowed to be sent to the US
    • Dried shrimp, dried fish, dried squid

Dried shrimp, dried fish, dried squid are all foods with long-term preservation properties, wrapped in vacuum bags so they can be kept for a long time. Dried shrimp, dried fish and dried squid are among the foods most frequently sent to the US by people.

  • Moon cake, pia cake

Moon cakes and pia cakes are also very popular and are often sent to the US. However, for some types of savory mooncakes, it is unlikely that they will be sent to the US. It’s easier to send vegetarian mooncakes instead.

  • Cooking seasoning

Cooking spices are also items that you can send to the US. Many people living in the US often want to have a taste of Vietnamese here. So, if you have a need to ship spices, rest assured that this item can be shipped.

  • Confectionery, Tet jam

Tet is coming soon, Vietnamese New Year confectionery and jam are also very much desired by many people in the US airspace. Sending Tet confectionery and jam to the US is also common, sending is allowed. Remember to pay attention to the production time so that you can send it to the US easily.

Above, we have helped you understand more about the notes to know when sending food to the US. Hopefully, this will be useful information for you to easily send food items with the services of a reputable carrier of your choice.


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