You need to shipping goods to Russia?

Are you looking for a reputable, quality, and cheap shipping service provider to Russia?

With the development of education, medicine, national defense, and advanced technology, the beautiful country of Russia has always been attractive to Vietnamese students and workers. That is also the reason why the demand for transporting goods and exporting to the country of Aries is having impressive growth, always increasing sharply in recent years. Understanding that trend, PTN Logistics has been deploying express delivery services to Russia with low price, prestige and quality leading the market today.


  1. Prestigious shipping service to Russia

With more than 12 years of experience in the field of international transportation, the process of transporting goods from Vietnam to Russia is always a bright spot of PTN Logistics. As a long-term strategic partner of big names in the shipping industry such as Fedex, UPS or DHL, you will enjoy extremely favorable freight rates only available at PTN Logistics.

Over the past 12 years, PTN has sent many items to Russia, PTN is confident that it can satisfy any customer, from individuals to import-export businesses.

One of the benefits of the PTN is to build a large international transport network, with hundreds of agents around the world. As a result, your shipment will be delivered to its destination safely, quickly, with a flexible form of transportation, suitable for quality shipments. With PTN Logistics, customers can choose the following shipping services to Russia:

  • Express delivery by air.
  • Economical international shipping service.
  • Regular freight service to Russia.

PTN Logistics – The leading prestigious shipping service to Russia today.


  1. Benefits of using express delivery service to Russia

It is no coincidence that the PTN is always the first choice, receiving great favor from customers during the past many years. PTN Logistics always strives to become the number one of quality and reputable shipping company to Russia in the market today. Coming to the PTN, you will enjoy extremely attractive benefits and incentives. Specifically like:

  • Delivery time is fast, on average, it only takes 3 to 5 days for the goods to be delivered to the required destination.
  • The freight rate is extremely reasonable, saving 30% to 50% compared to the freight through the carrier when sending directly.
  • The status and moving schedule of the shipment are continuously updated and sent to you by us.
  • Simple, uncomplicated, professional process, prioritizing efficiency.
  • Support customs clearance of goods, import and export entrustment if requested by customers.


  1. Types of shipping to Russia

There are 2 common types of freight through Russia:

3.1 Express delivery to Russia by air

This is the top priority solution for individuals and businesses because of the extremely fast arrival time. This type of transportation is suitable for important parcels, papers, documents and high-value, small and medium-sized goods.

3.2 Shipping to Russia by sea

This is the optimal solution to transport export shipments, large sizes, and super-heavy goods. Besides, shipping by sea is usually applied to shipments that do not have strict requirements on transit time. The biggest advantage is cost savings for customers.


      4.The process of shipping from Vietnam to Russia

Like other countries, the process of shipping to Russia is quite simple, including the following steps:

– Customers send detailed information about the shipment with relevant documents.

– Handing over, signing and confirming the shipment, PTN weighs and calculates the actual freight.

– Carrying out packing is customs clearance if required.

– Express delivery of goods to Russia and deliver directly to the consignee in Russia.

Above is the full details of the shipping service to Russia at PTN Logistics. If you have any questions, please contact the hotline directly or visit the official website of PTN Logistics! Your support is the motivation for the PTN team to try harder every day!


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