Currently, the demand for food products from Vietnam is very popular in the international market in general and the US in particular. However, because the typical characteristics of goods such as meat, fish, fruit, vaccines, etc. are very special, the product needs to be frozen and transported cold. Therefore, the safe and quality service of sending frozen goods to the US is interested and learned by many people. The following article will give you some information about the service and process of sending frozen goods to the US.

  1. Service to send frozen goods to foreign countries PTN Express

Frozen shipping service is used a lot because the demand for consumption and trading is increasing. The most popular frozen items today are: seafood, fruit, meat and meat products, medicines, solutions, vaccines.. Because shipping time takes a few days to a fortnight, if not If stored at the right temperature, the goods will be easily damaged, rancid, and rotting. Therefore, you need to choose a shipping company with good equipment to help preserve the goods from being damaged during shipping. PTN Express is a unit that uses modern machinery and equipment, as well as a professional team that can help your goods be frozen, cooled in accordance with the process and kept at the right temperature. products of the best quality when reaching the consumer. Using the form of sending frozen goods to the US at PTN Express, you can completely trust and feel secure to experience the service because of the quality and prestige that we bring.

  1. Benefits of sending frozen goods to the US at PTN Express

When using the service of PTN Express, customers will experience the following incentives:

You can rest assured when you trust to send frozen goods at PTN Express because we own modern and advanced equipment to ensure the safety and quality of the goods.

We support customers to vacuum, freeze, pack properly to make customs clearance easier.

Supporting door-to-door delivery helps customers use the service more conveniently without losing much time.

PTN Express is a transportation unit with a commitment to ensure the safety of goods, delivery to the place and on time as expected, as well as publicizing the route clearly and transparently. In addition, we will contact you in advance to schedule a delivery time so that you can conveniently receive the goods without delay, or support the second delivery if the customer does not receive the goods.

The product warranty policy 100% compensates if there is a problem of damage or loss during transportation

Transporter PTN Express has cooperated with many airlines around the world to help your order be dispatched quickly and efficiently.

In addition, we also regularly have promotions for customers so that you can experience good service with preferential prices.

3. The process of sending frozen goods to the US

To send frozen goods to the US, follow the process as follows:

Step 1: Prepare and check information and goods quality. Staff will contact the sender to make a record of code declaration, see the weight and size of the package. Finally, prepare all the necessary documents such as origin, ingredients, inspection certificates, commercial invoices.. Food and cosmetic items need FDA certificates (from the Food Administration. and Pharmaceuticals of the United States). Items of unknown origin, fake brands, banned substances will not be approved.

Step 2: Vacuum, pack and freeze suitable for each type of product as prescribed. Products are wrapped and placed in a container with the right temperature to ensure maximum product quality.

Step 3: Staff and customer jointly check all records and order information to ensure accuracy and clarity. The staff will then sign the shipping confirmation with the sender

Step 4: Send the order to the US, update the route and estimated delivery time. You can track via email, bill of lading code for more peace of mind and know in advance the delivery time

Step 5: Deliver the goods to the recipient, sign for confirmation and notify the delivery is successful

  1. Ending

Above are the things you need to know about the service of sending frozen goods to the US, hope to bring you useful information. For many years, the international shipping service in general and sending frozen goods to the US in particular has always been trusted by many users because of the dedicated and enthusiastic treatment and customer care regime. .

If you need to send goods, please contact us via hotline or website for dedicated advice and send a quote as soon as possible.


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